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Clue to Kalo - Come Here When You Sleepwalk

Composer, producer, performer.

Combining equally strong elements of laptop production, heartfelt vocals, and non-traditional songwriting, Come Here When You Sleepwalk is the extraordinary new release from Australian musician Clue to Kalo (Mark Mitchell). Featuring both down and uptempo tracks, the release's strengths are its ever-morphing melodies, keyboard lines, and drum machines, and understated vocals that never use more words or volume than necessary to set their mood. At first glance, the lyrics seem simple, yet they cut to the heart of their topic with precision. Damaged personalities, wounded relationships and underlying hope saturate tracks on a release that should establish Clue to Kalo as one of the finest songwriters and producers working in electronic music today.

"An elegant digital reverie" - Mojo

"Gorgeous sounds that seem so simple and effortless that they could almost come from the mind of a child" - CMJ

"Records like these give us cause to sing" - Urb

"Majestic" - Logo

"An album to dream with" - BBC

"A wonderful debut" - All Music Guide

"Soothing, swirling electronic melancholy" - Tokion


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