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Clue to Kalo - Love Like Life In Miniature (Reissue)

Composer, producer, performer.

Originally released in 2000 under the name Super Science, Love Like Life In Miniature was a compilation of selected tracks from two self-released CD-Rs. In 1998 I’d started to give out cassettes of my songs to friends so they could vote for their favourites. The highest scoring songs were then burnt to disc at the student radio station I was volunteering at and sold on consignment at Big Star Records in Adelaide. When I was signed to Surgery in 2000, we chose what we thought were the best songs from these CD-Rs and gave them a ‘proper’ release. This could probably be thought of as the first Clue to Kalo record. Missing in action for a long while, this is now available digitally with new artwork by Cailan.


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