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Clue to Kalo - Man Who Took A Step Expecting A Stair But Instead Got Level Ground

Composer, producer, performer.

Continuing where his critically-lauded LP, One Way, It’s Every Way left off, and foreshadowing his upcoming full-length, Lily Perdida, Clue to Kalo has delivered a four song vinyl picture disc of stirring melodies and lush arrangements titled Man Who Took a Step Expecting A Stair But Instead Got Level Ground. Composed of three originals and a cover of 'Mother Nature’s Son' (originally recorded for a BBC special on The White Album), the EP finds Clue to Kalo working closely with a team of musicians in the home studio of The First Third’s Vic Conrad. The organic instrument/laptop edit style perfected on his previous releases is now supplemented with live guitar, strings, percussion, drums and a generous amount of piano. The EP is a wonderful piece to bridge the gap between releases and gives Clue to Kalo fans something to look forward to.


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