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Clue to Kalo - One Way, It's Every Way

Composer, producer, performer.

Written and recorded in Adelaide, Australia during a two-year period of great personal change, and finished on a four-month adventure in Brooklyn, USA, One Way, It's Every Way is Mark Mitchell's second record as Clue to Kalo. Designed as a musical palindrome, the album is an unabashedly ambitious, surprisingly celebratory meditation on death. Instrumental contributions from old and new friends, as well as elements of classic folk, lo-fi rock, and bedroom electronica, are all taken out of context and remade as a ten track set thick with overloaded melodies, multi-part harmonies, and literate language. One Way, It's Every Way is a stunning development for Clue to Kalo both musically and lyrically.

"A serious contender for 2005's best record" - Scissorkick

"Extraordinarily unassuming, gorgeous release" - Stylus

"A master of counterintuitive pop arrangements" - Chord

"Will pull at your heartstrings and carry you back to nostalgic places in the best of ways" - Metro.Pop


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